Corgi Gear

It’s always fun to find new things for your furry friend, and what better place to get ideas for new gear than here! We have scouted out some great places and items, both local and online, that we are sure you will want to check out.

If you have tried one of our items listed and would like to add your own review, or if you have a new item or place you’d like to add, please contact our CorgiGear team. We’ll take any comments or questions, too!


General Dog Vendors

All of these vendors carry all kinds of great "stuff" for Corgis, from leashes and leads to Corgi-approved treats and toys. All vendors have been given the wag of approval from Utah Corgis!

Animal Health Options

3070 W. Rasmussen Road Suite 80
Park City, Utah 84098
Phone: (435) 647-0807

Animal Health Options is owned by Kimberly Henneman, DVM. Besides holistic healthcare for animals, she sells premium dog food from providers that have their own production facilities in the United States.

Bark City Pet Emporium

6531 Landmark Dr. Suite D
Park City, Utah 84098
Phone: (435) 655-9240

If you are in the Park City area, stop in to this canine boutique located near the Tanger Outlet stores -- many fun toys, treats, and a very fun staff!!

Clean Run

Primarily a vendor for agility enthusiasts, Clean Run also boasts other fun things for dogs: treats, toys, leashes, well as fun things for humans, like books and clothes!


Dogwise is an excellent online bookstore, with many titles on just about every dog or dog-related subject!

The Dog's Meow

2047 East, 3300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
Phone: (801) 468-0700

12215 South, 900 East
Draper, UT 84020
Phone: (801) 501-0818

A local family-owned business that specializes in healthy dog (and cat, too!) food, treats, and even some fun stuff for humans! The shop doesn't open until 11 am on weekdays, but they stay open until 6 pm, to take care of humans with the later work schedules!

Ma & Paws Bakery

1217 East, 3300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
Phone: (801) 487-3838

A cozy shop located west of 1300 East. Can be tricky to find, but well worth looking for! Diane, the owner, is very knowledgeable about dog foods and is a great resource for finding the right food for your dog's needs. The best part of this shop is the bakery, which makes fresh treats daily. Check out the personlized birthday pizzas and holiday gift boxes!

Oma's Pride

This is a national company that works through local distributors. They specialize in pre-prepared raw food products, holistic supplements, and freeze-dried treats. Local contacts are:
Jane Nielsen (Salt Lake Area)
Phone: (801) 280-9452
Email: Jane Nielsen

Treats, Chews, and Supplements

Flossies Spiral Chews

Review: Merrick has a great chew that keeps dogs teeth clean and minds occupied, called a Flossie. Flossies are all natural, high protein and low in fat. Basically, they are curly beef tendons. The curl of the Flossie allows for more and better angles in a dog’s mouth, and therefore can help reduce tartar buildup. All Merrick chew treats are all natural with no preservatives, additives or artificial colors and are made from U.S.D.A sourced ingredients. The treats are only dried, not smoked.

Flossies come in 3 sizes: regular, jumbo and phat.

After looking for a good chew that isn’t harmful to our dogs, we were referred to Flossies. They are all natural and break down in the body for easy digestion (even for a Shiba with a sensitive stomach) and are large enough that choking has never been a problem. The only downside is if you have a heavy chewer, he or she will probably chew through one pretty quickly.

Where to find: The Dog’s Meow 2047 East 3300 South Salt Lake City Utah 84109 468-0700

Ma & Paws Bakery 1217 East, 3300 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 Phone: (801) 487-3838

Online at

Natural Choice Crunchy Treats by Nutro

Review: These treats come in various flavors -- apple, blueberry, and carrot. Natural Choice Crunchy Treats are made with real apple, whole brown rice, and oatmeal. They are great for training treats (break in half for training Corgis). No corn or wheat and no gluten!

Where to find: Various PetCo locations

Good Dog Treats

Review: Wholesome and natural, Good Dog Treats are wheat and corn-free and come in four unique flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Apple Dumpling, Chicken Pot Pie, and Blueberry Cobbler. Each 8 oz. box offers delicious, tiny bone-shaped treats, making the perfect for training (or any other time!). These are great Corgi-sized training treats. They break in half easily and the flavors are always a big hit -- especially the apple dumpling.

Where to find: Locally, Ma & Paws and (occasionally) World Market locations

American Natural Chews 5-Pack Knee Bones

Review: There is always discussion about what is good to use to clean a dog's teeth. Some owners like to give bones, and others are not comfortable with that. If you are a bone-giver, these bones are great. Natural beef knee bones help reduce tartar and plaque. They are small enough that a Corgi can get his/her mouth around them, but not so small that a Corgi can swallow them. American Natural Chews are made in America from American cattle. Remember: Always take bones away from your dog when the bones get small enough that they could be swallowed. It is usually best to supervise your dog when giving him/her a bone. Bones are usually not given daily -- rather as a teeth cleaner once a month or less. If you have any questions about giving bones to your Corgi, check with your vet.

Where to find: Various PetCo locations

Red Barn

Review: Premium pet products, treats, bones, chews, and food made in the USA. Especially popular are the peanut butter filled knuckle bones and braided bully sticks.

Where to find: Online at , as well as Dog's Meow (see location information above) and most Petco locations.

Jones Natural Chews Co.

Review: All natural oven-baked treats and chews, no artificial ingredients! Made in the USA. Our dogs are particularly fond of the knee caps, but any of their treats are wonderful. Reminder from Jones: Supervision is always recommended when you feed your dog bones, chews, or treats. Choose a suitable bone or treat for your dog that is consistent with the size of the dog and the dog's chewing habits. It is recommended to take any bone away if it becomes small enough to fit inside the dog's mouth and remove any small bone pieces the dog has chewed off.

Where to find: Online at Jones Natural Chews, as well as through many online vendors (check your favorite online vendor to see if they carry Jones Natural Chews!)

Zuke's Mini Bakes

Review: Natural treats for dogs. Healthy, safe, and made in the USA. Utah Corgi favorites include the "Chicken 'n Cherryz" and "Peanut Butter'n Blueberryz".

Where to find: Online at and at Dog's Meow (see information above) locally.

O'Paws Fundamental Vitality

Review: An all-in-one supplement combining vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and high levels of joint enhancements and probiotics. A great supplement for those active dogs! This is an all life stage supplement. If you are interested in great supplements for your dog, check out the other supplements that Oma's Pride offers -- ask your distributor for a list.

Where to find: Oma's Pride distributors only (see information above).

Itty Bitty Biscuits

Review: These biscuits are made by Cloudstar. They are small cookies that are great for training dogs. They look a lot like small gingerbread men for dogs. They come in roasted chicken, bacon cheese, molasses, peanut butter, veggie, and sweet potato flavor. Note: Some flavors contain white flour; if your dog is sensitive to flour, then these may not be the treats for you.

Where to find: Ma & Paws (see information above) and through various online vendors (ask your favorite vendor if they carry these!).


Material Dog Dr. Noys Replacable Replaceable Squeaker Toys

Review: As all Corgi owners know, Corgis are notorious for destroying soft toys either to roll in the fluff or to destroy the squeaker. Material Dog has created what we call the “indestructible” dog toy! These toys are made of soft fabric, but no fluff, so there is no mess. Also, the squeaker is enclosed in the toy by very strong Velcro and in its own fleece pouch, so it is nearly impossible for the corgi to get to it. A bonus is the toy comes with an additional squeaker, should your furry friend break the one in the toy.

We love this toy, paws down! Our pheasant has been through multiple dogs now, all heavy chewers, and is still in close to original shape! We have replaced the squeaker a few times, but the toy itself is still holding up strong!

Where to find: Ma & Paws Bakery 1217 East, 3300 South Salt Lake City, Utah Phone: (801) 487-3838

Online at
(duck and other toys, but not the pheasant)

Egg Babies

Review: The ultimate in long-lasting toys for dogs who love to seek and destroy. Keeps pets occupied with three removable squeaking eggs that fit inside the toy's body. Pets learn to remove the eggs without destroying the toy for repeated play and fun. Egg babies come in various animal forms -- platypus, fish, dragon, hedgehog, turtle and alligator. Replacement "babies" (the eggs) are also available, and they make fun soft squeaky toys even without the "pet" they go in!

Where to find: Locally, at Red Bandanna locations.

Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

ComfortFlex Sport Harness

Review: This is an easy harness for humans to figure out (not overly complicated), and goes across the dog's chest instead of the throat, so it is easier on dogs that pull a lot. It comes in fun colors, like purple, red, and blue (others, too). There are plenty of sizes to choose from, but a Corgi would go for a small (regular sized Corgis) or an extra-small (for 25 lbs or less).

Where to find: Online at Clean Run or other online vendors.

Silverfoot Collars and Leashes

Review: Lightweight leashes and collars made in Canada. We like these collars because they are not only fun and different designs, but they are also light and comfortable for your dog -- the perfect weight for Corgi necks!

Where to find: Online at or other online vendors.

Corgi Inspired Gear for Humans

Windfall Company Corgi Ornaments

Review: The best thing I found this year to add to Corgigear are handmade felt dog ornaments made by a woman from Canada. She is a seller on Ebay, and has made custom Corgi ornaments for me, capturing the personalities of each of our Corgis! The cost is very reasonable, and she does beautiful work!

To find these ornaments, look for "Windfall Company" on Ebay. This lady does ornaments for various breeds, and her work is amazing.

Where to Find: Online on Ebay

McCartney's Dogs

Review: Whimsical (caricature) dog-related art that the company offers on shirts, bags, name it! McCartney's offers many fun pieces that display many breeds -- all perfect for the dog lover!

Where to Find: Online at McCartney's Dogs

Review: Lots and lots of dog-related gifts. Dogstuff carries notecards, mugs, shirts, stationary, ornaments....lots of "stuff"!! Check them out for just about any dog "stuff" you might be looking for!

Where to Find: Online at

KH Photography

Review: Keith and Suzy are part of our own Utah Corgis Family (they are the parents of Wyatt and Cisco--and their border collie sibling, Josie). Keith does photography for local dog trials, but also specializes in canine portraits. He is very accommodating in creating the right package for you, and since he is a dog parent himself, he is very good at capturing your dog's personality.

Where to Find: Online at The Utah Dog Blog (look for the sitting information on the right hand side of the page).

Corgi Grooming Supplies

Plush Puppy Products

Review: Used by official groomers, Plush Puppy has wonderful shampoo and coat conditioners for your Corgi! Our favorite shampoo is the Natural All-Purpose Shampoo with Henna. It is a very concentrated shampoo that will last a long time, and is formulated from organic sources, with extracts of henna, alpine herbs, and lichen.

Plush Puppy also offers a Deep Cleansing shampoo and Itchy Coat shampoo if your Corgi has a coat with special needs. Even though Corgis don't usually require conditioner, Plush Puppy has a nice Silk Protein Conditioner that will help hydrate even the driest of coats.

Where to Find: Online at


Review: Who hasn't heard of this? Corgi owners are always looking for ways to get excess hair out of their Corgi's coat (and off their own clothes and furniture, too!), and the Furminator is one good way to do that. Basically, the Furminator is a rake that takes out a lot of our COrgi's fluffy undercoat. It doesn't do so well on guard hairs, though, and you'll need another brush or comb to get those hairs out. We really like the rake, but have not found Furminator's other products (shampoo, conditioner, treats) to do anything more to stop shedding than any of the other products on the market.

Where to Find: Locally, you can find Furminator products at Ma & Paws , The Red Bandanna, PetCo, and PetsMart.

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