Utah Corgi Rescue

Utah Corgi Rescue

Utah Corgi Rescue is currently not accepting any new corgis into the program. Please see details below.

At the current time, all of our foster homes are full and cannot accept fosters for placement. If you have a corgi that you need to place right away, you can contact any of the local shelters. Utah Corgis recommends the Utah Animal Adoption Center (formerly Wasatch Humane) at:

Utah Animal Adoption Center
1955 North Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: (801) 355-pets (7387)
Email: utahanimaladoptioncenter.org

If you have a corgi that you would like to place yourself (i.e., you would prefer to not go through a shelter), but would like assistance, please contact Lori. We can help you with putting your corgi on our PetFinder page.

We are deeply saddened that we cannot personally help any corgis in need at this time, but will continue to work with corgis in need that need to find their forever homes. As soon as foster homes are available again, Utah Corgi Rescue will resume normal operation.

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