Corgis Can Take the Heat

Come winter in Utah, I can’t think of anything more delightful than sitting by the fire with my corgis curled up alongside me, their heads either resting on my leg or the nearest soft pillow. They are fellow travelers when it comes to comfort and ease. They don’t fight it out for position: they seem to know where to go and who wants to be where at the moment.

The hearth glows with warmth, especially during ski season. A few snow flurries don’t bother the dogs, but when their walks are over and the required exercise is done, they relish lounging time. They come to expect it until the days grow warmer and the sunlight starts to last a little longer each day. Another ritual will replace this one – perhaps out of doors in the fresh air. They love exercise and can handle any weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer.

The high, flickering flames from the fireplace insert cast shadows when the lights are low. With a glass of wine and some sleepy time music, I am thoroughly engrossed in my daydreams. Occasionally I scan the paper or the Internet, checking the emails, Facebook posts, and latest info on CNN. The dogs have their own thoughts to recall, or fantasies in some cases. They may be in the fields herding or munching on a delicious bone. Mine are so domesticated that I can only imagine chasing a ball. They are loving pups, eager to please when it comes to providing good company. They never disappoint.

The fire burns for hours, giving us time to savor the evening and prepare mentally for the next day. The Corgis may like to lay close to the fire, but I prefer to watch it from a distance and let the wood stove fan that I bought gently circulate the air in the room and warm me up on the couch. The dogs like to be alone with me so are on alert when it comes to odd noises and surprise visits from my friends. As well trained as they are, I never fear aggression or disdain. Easy to live with, they go with the flow of my life.

I got my first Corgi many years ago and have never been happier with my choice. They learned quickly to tone down the barking and nipping. They are like big fur balls now, loving my every touch. Like plump stuffed animals, they lie about to be admired, caressed, and embraced. The fireplace is home to napping and relaxing, the best way I can think of to end the day.

I have researched and read about these fine animals and they never stop beguiling me. They make excellent pets and are the perfect mid-size for any home. They are loyal to a fault and fully dedicated to my happiness.

So the fire burns low and the embers are barely alive by bedtime. The light grows dimmer and our eyelids mutually close with impending drowsiness. No one can move, even to find the pleasure of a down pillow or cozy quilt. The wine is gone, the music has stopped, and sleep beckons. Night has fallen along with the fire and soon a new day will begin.