Dog Fit

Walking my corgi is a great outing for both of us. The dog gets fit, and blows off some pent up steam, while I trod myself into better tone. Plus I get to meet the neighbors who are doing the same thing. As fellow dog lovers, we are out and about in the environs getting our daily constitution, as they used to say. The dog has been a boon to my happiness at home, but on the road or out in the field, the two of us have a lot more to share. We are fitness buddies. I know the old fellow likes his walk and counts on me daily to come through. I, on the other hand, count on him to drag me from the easy chair and newspaper. And that’s hard to do!

Most dogs have energy to spare, especially when they are young. If they are not in that limp stage of old age, they like to romp and roam unless they have acquired hip dysplasia. (Remember that corgis have a long life span.) It never gets old for the pup. I like to vary the territory we cover and hope for a few surprises to perk up my pet. Some days we like the woods and sometimes the park, the playground of beloved and pampered pets. As long as it is a ritual, he will comply wholeheartedly and reward you with love. Remember he is low to the ground and adjust your terrain accordingly.

With some corgis, you can take them for a bit of a run. That will get both your metabolisms going full throttle. The dog can eat more and so can you as shedding pounds is part of the pastime. For a bit of extra exercise for yourself, consider wearing a weighted vest to increase the load on your legs and get the most out of your workout. Knowing your own dog is essential when you establish their routine as to the time of day and the locale. It bears some preparation on your part. The dogs are smart beings and it is wise to plan a few games for amusement and variety. The dogs are natural herders so anything that resembles this activity is welcome.

So look around you as you partake in your program. Are the dog owners you see running about on the thin side? Or do they have bellies busting out of their tee shirts? I would guess the former so let’s take a poll. Once you have experienced the joys of walking with your sturdy, stocky dog, by the way, you can never go back to being solo on the sidewalk. And as I said, it’s a great way to meet people and socialize. We all like that. What a great antidote to faceless Facebook.

In closing, I have a couple of tips for your impending dog exercise program or to improve your existing one. Corgis like medium to long walks, and they enjoy hikes. Parks are fine if the dog gets along with others and likes to socialize. Runs can be short for these hard working dogs so don’t overdo it. And finally, they are agile and playful and love being around kids.