Dog Washing 101

Training and grooming practices that are suitable for a particular breed make for a happy, healthy pet. You can’t go willy-nilly into it as a new owner. If you are not a pro, and we are dealing here with a family member, particular care must be taken to do it just right. The kids will want to get into the act, but be sure you teach them the basics first—how to be super gentle and caring.

Training is a blog in itself and I will undertake to give you a few pointers on washing the beloved animal for right now. The activity should be stress-free and fun for all parties. You may have to bribe your little wonder with dog treats at first before he or she realizes how nice an experience it can be. Don’t even think about hurrying it all up by using a pressure washer, even on the lowest setting. Even the small electric pressure washers pack a punch. I don’t care how much mud is caked on after a walk in the rain. Furthermore, the dog is not even big enough to consider such a horrendous thing. They need hands-on attention and experienced hands who know the breed’s anatomy and pet peeves. They need people who are corgi savvy and can avoid painful incursions in unwanted areas.

That being said, you need a basin of tepid water and the right soap-like solution. This is a low-maintenance dog and it is usually a simple and easy task to keep him or her neat and clean. Corgis do not have super long hair that needs detangling and trimming. The breed does shed (both Cardigans and Pembrokes), however, and to avoid allergy issues in your home, frequent bathing is required. It is certainly well worth it given the returned love you will acquire. Don’t forget nails, eyes, and teeth along with the obvious coat. It all goes with your overall routine including proper diet and feeding. If you prefer to use a professional service, that is fine, but you will miss the enjoyment of home care—and so will your corgi!

Corgis are not quite as self-cleaning as a cat, but close. The outer hair that sheds protects the inner side. It is baby soft and divine! Keeping it all brushed will limit what ends up on the floor. This helps beautify both layers of fur, so the more the better. You will see some hair in the tub when you bathe your pet—not to worry. It is completely normal. If you use a recommended shedding shampoo, this will be an obvious consequence of the process. Normal harsh soap, by the way, will not due. Consult your pet shop or online for suggestions as there are a variety of options. You may have to try a few to get it right.

Remember that your pet will love the attention from admirers of his or her beautiful coat. Walk the dog frequently for accolades for your efforts, besides exercising it for health. Once a month may be enough for the average corgi bath, so go for it and enjoy the wonderful results.