Dog Washing 201

The dog came in dripping wet. Mud was caked half way up his legs and his coat was a big furry mess. It was raining that day, coming down like, yes, cats and dogs. He came through the dog door and it was one time I wished I didn’t have one. I also wished I had a mud room: it would have been so apropos.

He is such a sweetheart as a rule and I am sure there were no malicious intentions. He trotted up to me dutifully, sitting comfortably in my favorite chair, and nudged my arm. I know the signs; he wanted a bath and sure needed one. We both agreed on that point. I went to the service area of the house to turn on the hot water. It takes a while in the giant sink I had installed for the little guy. So we both waited patiently.

The hot water did not come ten minutes later. I checked the hot water tank to no avail. I’m no plumber so all I could do was note that it was plugged in and the pilot light was on because I have a gas water heater system. That’s the best I could do. The faithful dog by my side looked a bit downtrodden seeing my dismay.

What to do. Normally, we go through the basics: dog washing 101. It’s simple. I have a special soap that I use for his particular corgi coat. The water is tepid to warm, just the way he loves it. I cover him in soapy suds and gently massage as he stands ready to accept the ablutions. The shampoo is great and doesn’t affect the fur’s natural oils. I am careful about his eyes of course as anyone washing any animal would. It has to be a pleasant, if not, enjoyable experience.

Some dogs like a scented soap, not mine whether it is lavender, mint, or coconut. I get the plain variety. As long as it has been created for dogs, and corgis in particular, you can’t go wrong. Some have no soap in them by the way, and some have conditioner.

Part of corgi washing 101 is knowing that you don’t do it that often unless the dog is smelly, or in my case, dirty enough to put in the washing machine. Also, puppies need to wait to about 12 weeks. Select shampoo that is bio-degradable and earth friendly if you are eco-minded like I am. Everything helps!

One important point to note in this lesson is that corgi hair is water-resistant, hence the need for special products. If the process of washing is too much of a battle, you can brush your dog frequently. Now back to my story. Rather than rile the good fellow I called the plumber who dutifully appeared three hours later. The dog lay quietly on the kitchen floor awaiting his bath. In the long run he loved it as usual, which is not characteristic of many dogs. I should point this out so you are cautious and careful at your first attempt.