Dogs and Human Medicine Don’t Mix

The one who does not love animals does not love people. What do you think about this? The love between an animal and its owner is unconditional. Pets usually become members of the family. We nurture them, feed them, give them baths and sometimes even haircuts and hairdos. Time spent with our pets is special indeed. It does not matter what kind of a pet we have. It could be a bird, a turtle, a cat or a dog. It does not matter; a pet is a friend for life.

Dogs are incredible creatures. They are loyal; they give unconditional love, friendship and fun. But, having a dog means having a huge responsibility. Therefore, before you make a decision about getting a dog, you should think about if you have the proper conditions a dog requires. You should also think about other members of the family and their thoughts on this subject. Dogs are always ready to play, but even if they are not(for any reason), they are happy just sitting next to you. Their love and attachment justifies the saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend.’

You should always take care of your dog because dogs depend on you completely. They need fresh air, a place to sleep, food, everyday activities, walks and veterinary check ups. Because of all these requests, dogs are not suitable just for anyone.

Dogs just like people have different characters. When you imagine your favorite dog, you should start from your own life habits and the amount of free time. Not every dog needs the same amount of attention. Puppies are adorable, but they request a lot of time and care. All animals are lovely. Corgis breed especially. Where do you keep a dog? In your apartment/house or in your backyard. Those are the questions you need to answer.

What happens when your pet gets sick? Before that happens, you should have a trusted veterinary. Do not try to give your dog a human medicine of some kind. Human medication is not good for dogs. Take your dog to a vet, and he will do everything in his power to help your dog. One more thing, when giving your dog a bath, do not use your shampoo. It could severely hearth the dog’s skin and cause a whole bunch of problems for your dog. You can not use the same products for you and your dog. For example, if you have or you had a problem with toenail fungus, and you have some drugs left, you can not use it to treat dog fungus. Animals and people do not use the same medications. State of Utah has many wonderful veterinarians and they are quite capable of treating your pets.

Dogs are great for kids as well. They will play with them for hours, and you will see the wonderful effect this will have on your kids. Remember, treat your dog like family and you will always have a friend in need.