Perfect for Nighttime Walks

Corgis love to be walked. After all, they were once used to herd cattle and were watchdogs. It is in their nature. No matter that they are household pets; they still crave their exercise. As a breed, they have good physical stamina, and they need to stay healthy, avoid boredom, and burn off calories so they can maintain a good body weight. Think of your dog as having pent up energy, and if it isn’t released, the faithful companion resorts to chewing and digging, like other breeds. They may even howl or bark. It seems so much easier to take the pet on regular day or night walks. If you go at night, I suggest taking a good flashlight, preferably a rechargeable one like these. This will help save on the expense of new batteries all the time. If there is a way to economize, then why not.

Corgis need constructive activity that feeds their agile minds. They like structured play on a daily basis like retrieving and chasing. You can do a number of simple exercises with them and they will always comply. A short walk under an hour is often not enough. Thus, people often have to go during the day and then again later at night. When you have a corgi, you know you have a special animal with energy to burn. You can use a leash for some side by side jogging, do race walking, or long strolls in the countryside. It is not too mundane to play fetch with a Frisbee or tennis ball.

Depending upon your schedule, your first outing with your Corgi could be quite early in the morning for an hour on average. The second outing, such as at night, can be shorter. You get to know the needs of your own dog. You know if he or she likes laying with other dogs, running along a bicycle, swimming, or running on a treadmill. (There are models made just for dogs!). Whatever you do, don’t let the Corgi become a couch potato. And if you are in doubt about the safety of any of the suggested exercises, just check with your vet so you can slowly build stamina, strengthen muscles, and toughen the soft pads of the dog’s feet.

Some people have dog runs where their pet can meet with other doggy friends. A fenced in area is perfect for off-leash exercise. In addition, since Corgis like to herd, you can keep around a giant ball. By the way, these dogs love a good game of tug-o-war. Some also like to combine exercise with obedience training and the teaching of tricks. It is all good stimulation. If you let the dog work for food, it will be supremely rewarding. There are so many activities that you and your Corgi can do together beyond a walk in the dark. As other owners, the vet, and professional trainers for new ideas. You are sure to have a happy dog.