The Queen’s Corgis


The Corgi has always been associated with the Queen of England. I love the scenes in the movie with stellar actress Helen Mirren in the fields with her illustrious pets. It was a masterful portrayal of the sovereign and the dogs stole the show. I can see her in her Scottish plaid with cashmere twin set, her modest hairdo, stolid expression, and ungainly walk. The Corgis were by her side in step with every stride. They have wiggled their way into British hearts more than the royal family itself.

Examples from the Internet show them adorned with crowns (what do you expect?) or posing for an official photo en masse. They have been seen festooned in British flag color or red, blue, and white. The Queen is always smiling with them in tow. Year after year they appear in print (now online) as symbols of her devotion to the breed. Even as a young princess, Elizabeth favored these short-legged wonders first given to her by her father King George VI in 1933. They are often at opening ceremonies and major events such as the 2012 Olympics (taking a back seat to Daniel Craig no doubt). Of course they also graced the Diamond Jubilee. Can it be that the dogs are on the borderline of extinction? Having raised dozens, she has done her part to foster the future of the line for some time to come. Buckingham Palace and other royal abodes in Scotland and Wales are home to the canine critters. God Save the Queen’s Corgis!

It is said that she feeds them herself with chef-prepared delights that include filet of beef and chicken. (Veterinary experts had to approve the royal diet). They keep plenty on hand at Balmoral and Windsor. A fastidious regimen is maintained wherever they go.

Why Corgis? Actually, to be more accurate they are Welsh Corgis. It has become a virtual obsession in any case. Never has there been such an association with a dog breed and a world-renowned owner. There is no shortage of images if you haven’t yet been so blessed. It is a familial tradition and long-time personal preference.

They say this is a wonderful dog in so many ways. It is loyal, easy-going, good-natured, and loving. While other breeds meet this description, the Welsh Corgi is the perfect size, color, and texture for the Queen’s taste. Some are yappy, but Elizabeth clearly doesn’t care. They romp about the palace at will and dash about her ankles with glee. There is an estate kennel no doubt, but they are rarely confined. Spaniels and Labradors are relegated to the pen with other hunting dogs.

When a royal Corgi passes on, it is a news event. When a new litter appeared before she decided to cease the practice of breeding, it was a newsflash. Royal followers never fail to include the goings on of the dogs. When one was put down in 2004, it was a national day of mourning. Meanwhile, Corgis are England’s most privilege pets and the recipients of hours of royal indulgence.